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Vintage candid photos of folks from N.J.

When you least expect it ....

What's a "candid" photo? Pretty much anything that hasn't been staged. By "staged," I can mean anything from a publicity photo to a group shot of family all standing in the same pose.

candid-2016003-capemay.JPGCourtesy of Sacred Heart High School 

Why do we like candid photos so much? A friend of mine explained it, and I can't possibly do any better:

"There is something compelling about pictures where the subjects don't know they are being photographed. A sort of invitation into a moment in time unfettered by vanity or awareness that just captures a split second of life."

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And even when the subjects are aware of the camera, simply going about living and enjoying life make these photos priceless.

Always one of our most popular galleries, here are split seconds of life from New Jersey's past, with a few classic photobombs thrown in for good measure.

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