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Chris Christie is finished | Sheneman cartoon

Since most autobiographies are vanity projects by their very nature, you'd think Christie would come off looking better in a book he wrote.

Our beloved former governor is back. Sure, it's not like he ever left, but still...HE"S BACK!

Chris Christie has hit the airwaves to promote the book deal he's been dying to cash in on for so long. The former governor has crafted an exciting tell all about his fleeting time as an insider in the Trump administration. A quick scan of the cover will show you that New Jersey gets fourth billing behind Trump, Jared and Steve Bannon. That seems pretty on brand.

Chris Christie doesn't write very much about his time as governor of New Jersey because he wasn't much of a governor. His book is much like his terms as the state's chief executive, full of petty grudges, national political aspirations and little time for his home state.

It's filled with anecdotes about how he was bested by the dim son of a real estate magnate/felon, how Steve Bannon was mean to him and, of course, that time he bravely confronted a heckler on the boardwalk while flanked by a full state police security detail. 

Most autobiographies are vanity projects by their very nature. You'd think Christie would come off looking better in a book he wrote, but I guess you have to work with the material you're given.

I can't imagine the market for this book. Who is reading this besides hardcore political junkies and Tom Moran? Maybe it's one of those deals where a prominent politician puts out a book and a PAC buys a few thousand copies to hand out at conferences. Either way, congrats to the governor on getting paid.

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