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I had been talking to some friends that seemed to have many of the same issues in common.
The infamous – why is it so hard to meet someone who is? Here is the list:

This was the litany of questions that were posed to me at dinner the other evening with my peeps.
When we walked into the restaurant (sans reservations) the Maitre’D for some reason decided to give us this private room. Hummmmm, did he sense something I was unaware of?
The food was ordered and the drinks arrived. The discussion got heated. 
I felt bad for the poor waiter because when he came in with the second round – he heard in a loud bellow: ALL MEN SUCK!
I looked up and said to him, sorry it’s GURLS night out no offence this has nothing to do with you. Then I realized he was Gay so I felt better.. Or perhaps he was thinking the same thing! ☺
The food & drink was abundant as was the frustration I was hearing.
Not that I am a Guru on relationships nor that mine is perfecto. But for some reason they thought I had some profound verbiage of the mystery of it all.
After listening to all the complaints and saga’s they then leaned to me and stopped talking!
Now I felt the pressure……………….. 
Hummmmmm, think of something Mare? Say something profound!

Out it flew like the pledge of allegiance. As if painted from memory!
I think this is a shared issue, a 50-50 split of responsibility.
OK, not saying your points are not valid but maybe you need to adjust your criteria of what you are looking for. It seems like they are all the same types? If you are gona go after that gym rat type you have to know that he loves himself more than he can you! His protein shakes have more meaning to him than your phone call.
Also when you are 40 how can you expect people not to have baggage?
However, it’s what they do with that baggage, no? Have they gone to counseling to try to understand their issues and patterns and have any of you done that as well?
I think if you are looking for a guy that is 40 years old and has not been married & divorced and has no children, well????
First check your own selfish meter!
Everyone has a past and if the guy is taking care of his kids that shows that he has character and is responsible! Not a bad quality!

Now the food & drinks are in full swing. I was getting so nervous with all the mayhem, I was eatin like Trailer Park Barbie at a Vegas buffet.

Now back to the waiter – I could see that he would try to judge the lull of the conversation prior to comin in!!!

I did feel bad for one of the gurls as she just got engaged. So she was adamantly saying, look I have been thought my frogs and the cheaters and the drama but I am soooo happy now. It took a long time to find what I have.
Brava gurl – stand up for the good of love & romance.

And the War story’s continued.

So I said look, I once had a date with a midget!
WHAT ?????
WHAT? NO !!!!!

I was online and saw this photo – WOWOWOOWOWOW.. Now you all know I am a tad dyslexic so I thought it said 5’4 but it was 4’5. Even though 5’4 was short I thought I could wear flats… ☺
Now I didn’t even know this until I set the meeting up. I was at a bar in Long Beach and I told him that a friend of mine just had a break up so I would not be able to really hang, just say a quick hello.. I just love my instincts….
I was at the jukebox and was pickin some tunes when all of a sudden I hear this high-pitched HI?
The first thing I thought was, Man I must have shitty speakers I never heard that in this song before?
Then I heard it again!
I turned to the left and looked down and there was da munchkin. OMG !
I shook his little hand and saw my friend at the bar laughing uncontrollably.
I then said look, my friend is crying again. Give me a call, gotta go.

Or what about the guy that had 2 cell phones, one for his primary gurl and the other for his Gumada’s.

Or the one’s that are really good at fallin in love for like 2 months!!!

Or the ones that are bi-polar and manic! At least you feel like you are dating several people at one time! Ahhhhh, the male version of Cybil. 
It has its pluses, you can say Louie I don’t want to talk to you bring back the nice one….

Or the Facebook stalker who follows your recent activity like a friggin GPS, then after a week calls you on it. !!

Or the we broke up again and went back last week! AGAIN.


So your not happy in the land of single mingles! You bought the ticket to the Emotional Roller Coaster of Love, but now you are not even sure if you’re tall enough to be on the ride!
It’s Saturday night, date night USA and you don’t want your friends to think u don’t have a date so Mista Loser calls and you say, YES!!

Or the worse, I went back with my EX – UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Look when someone shows you their true colors the first time, believe them!! Because it is what it is!!!

Please let go of the, “I KNOW I CAN CHANGE THEM – BECUASE YOU CANT!”.

There are some really wonderful people out there that you will never give a chance to because they DON’T FIT YOUR PRECONCEIVED NOTION OF WHAT YOU HAVE IMAGANED YOU NEED!

To prove my point, I went into a deli today to order a sandwich. The counter gurl took my order and proceeded to continue her conversation with the counter boy. She said, why are all these loser guys attracted to me? I mean I attract them like a magnet, why?

OMG! It’s everywhere I go.
Look, the law of attraction! YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!
You are attracting them!!! Hello …….
I am not telling you to go out with someone that is unattractive to you. However, there are so many really nice dudes out their that are just not Gangsta’s so why not take a chance. What are you afraid of? Maybe you will actually fall in love wit someone that adores you rather than you always being in this state of Drama.


CHANGE YOU – NOT THEM !!! I have always said if you find yourself doing the same things everyday looking for different results, SLAP YOURSELF NOW !!!

All this is easier said then done. It’s all so simple on paper. The rules of engagement are much more challenging.
Don’t settle for Mista wrong or Mista in the meantime. The same goes for you Guy’s as well.

As for Me, I’m Jiminy Cricket, always looking for the silver lining…

The one thing I am certain of is it that the term,
Who else would use the word FOOD and THOUHGT in the same sentence..!!